What does it mean to be restored?

Restoration stories always involve some kind of suffering, or obstacle that needs to be overcome. And we all have areas in life where restoration is needed. Maybe it's your marriage, your relationship with your children, a struggle with anxiety or depression, insecurity, or anger and resentment.

Wherever you are, you can experience restoration and healing when you allow Jesus to do the work. Jesus Christ can restore every area of your life.

Marty Grubbs calls himself the ‘accidental pastor.’ But watching him grow up and witnessing the sculpting and firing process the Master Potter has brought him through, we are convinced that the ways God has used him are anything but accidental. This servant-leader lives out the promise of Jesus, ‘Whoever loses their life for me will find it’ (Matthew 16:25).
— Gloria and Bill Gaither, Christian Authors / Songwriters / Musicians

In Restored, you'll learn:

  • How Jesus can change your attitudes, focus, priorities, and commitments
  • How to adjust the way you view and use your time and resources, and how to handle and engage in relationships

The goal of Restored is to bring issues in your life to the surface, shine God's light on them, and then let the Holy Spirit do His work in you.


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Restored is available for purchase at Crossings Community Church's Bookstore, through Warner Press, or on Amazon - click on the links below to learn more and purchase a copy of Restored.

Is there an area of your life that needs restored? This book will bring you to your knees as you realize how you can lean on God for restoration. Marty has an amazing way of making hard issues seem easy to resolve—and teaching us how to sort through troubles in our lives. You can use these words to find strength and hope for putting the pieces back together. I have witnessed firsthand the role faith plays in restoring people’s lives.
— Kari Watkins, Executive Director, Oklahoma City National Memorial Museum